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Paris supplement

Posted by on Sep 27, 11:58 PM
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July 20, 2009
What is Paris, anyway?
The wavering notes of a subway wind ensemble at rush hour? The warm crunch of toasty baguette, the romance (and smell!) of good cheese and wine? A mere mass of rock, metal, plastic, and flesh?
After my night in the Parc de Boulogne, I relocated to suitable quarters as soon as I could, which entailed spamming everyone in Paris on in the morning, and praying for a response by nightfall (two months later I’m still receiving responses from would-be hosts!). Thankfully, next day I woke in a flat and enjoyed a breakfast of hot baguette with brie, fresh fruit (the peaches are really sublime!), almonds and raisins on the sunny 6th story balcony. At an armslength sparrows wheeled and dived into the forest of copper-coloured rooftop chimneys below. La Basilique du Sacré-Cœur loomed majestically on nearby Montemartre, and the smell of bread baking drifted to me from the boulangerie several doors down. Montemartre—“Mountain of the Martyr”—is so named for the martyrdom of Saint Denis, who was decapitated on the hill circa 250 AD. He is the patron saint of France with Saint Genevieve. The Basilica was erected throughout the late nineteenth century as national expiation for the bloodshed in the Commune and Franco-Prussian War.
I dedicated my time to seeing the sights, spending several days at the Louvre Palace, and along Seine, and in the Center. One more night was spent by necessity in the Parc du Boulogne—this one was even less pleasant than the first. I arrived there at 11:30pm by subway with my sleeping bag on my back, to find the park perimeter patrolled by ‘ladies of the night,’ and so to escape them dived into the park’s forest. While a tripped along in the dark figures could be heard to approach and pass very close—I could just make out their outlines; some stopped several paces past, as if to return. I hurried on, terrified by these spectral figures, and eventually found a deserted stretch of grass next to a lake, where I fell fast asleep.


  1. Hope you are enjoying you trip and we enjoy reading your stories. See you are in Glasgow. If you are passing through Edinburgh you might like to meet my mother and sister with her family.
    Let me know.
    God bless
    Willeke (Seattle)

    — Willeke · Sep 28, 05:17 PM · #

  2. Well…we are going to be in Edinburgh this week. We arrive on Saturday night from Inverness. So far I haven’t heard back from any of our potential hosts. Soooo, perhaps they would take us in? We would even be quite content to camp out in the back yard. We would love to meet them regardless! On Tuesday the 6th we take the train to London. Please pass on our contact info.

    Andrew Leese · Sep 29, 01:25 AM · #

  3. Hello, You are most welcome to stay with us!! I have written you an email with my contact information. Wishing you a pleasant ride.
    God Bless you both
    Marian (Willeke’s sister)

    — Marian · Sep 30, 02:29 AM · #

  4. Yes, what is Paris? you ask… Everyone has there own experience and that is Paris to them… I think the subway ensemble would have been quite interesting. I have only seen solo performers myself..

    — Laura · Oct 13, 08:02 PM · #

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