The Orphan Ride in the Press


Seattle PIFrom the Sue Frause Blog on the Seattle PI Website:
“Bike Boys: Brothers plan to pedal ‘round the world”, by Sue Frause, Travel Writer, April 6, 2009

SW RecordA front page article in the South Whidbey Record:
“Around the world for children,” by Roy Jacobson, Mar 07 2009

ExaminerAn in-depth article in the Whidbey Examiner:
“Greenbank cyclists prepare for around-the-world fundraising ride to help Indian orphans,” by Justin Burnett, Mar 11, 2009

The very first Orphan Ride article to appear in the press:
“The Orphan Ride,” by Isaac Bonnel, Mar 2009

For the Press and Promoters


A list of file downloads for interested journalists and promoters

file: Bicycle_Dreams.doc   (0.0MB)
Description: Journalists: A *PRESS RELEASE* for The Orphan Ride.
Category: Press
Downloads: 1000

file: Logo.jpg   (0.7MB)
Description: An "" logo. Could be used as a link to OrphanRide.Org from a web site (with some resizing). Dimensions: 2132x514 pixels
Category: Promotional
Downloads: 512

file: Logo_Title.jpg   (0.2MB)
Description: A "The Orphan Ride" logo, suitable for any promotional purpose. Dimensions: 2297x345 piixls.
Category: Promotional
Downloads: 499

file: Sponsorship_Proposal.pdf   (1.0MB)
Description: A proposal of sponsorship for businesses and organizations. It outlines the goals of The Orphan Ride as well as benefits and requirements for potential sponsors.
Category: Promotional
Downloads: 757

Promo Photos

Promotional photos of Andrew and Randall courtesy of Stadler Studio of Whidbey Island. Check out his website:
*To get high resolution files please email us:*



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